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Welcome to the website of ‘SilenceWork.’ Here information can be found about the practise of meditation and silence. You also may read what additional support is available by means of natural forms of therapy.  

‘SilenceWork', an initiative of Edwin Valentijn de Hees, was established in the autumn of 2008 and aims at reconnecting people with their own source of truth and intuitive knowledge through silence, meditation and natural therapy. 

‘SilenceWork’ organizes meetings, meditation days, retreats and a training program using  silence and meditation in The Hague, Delft, Leiden and elsewhere. In Delft ‘SilenceWork’ offers personal assistance on the basis of individual sessions, acupuncture and medicinal herbs. 



Group Activities  


Regular Silence Group

In 2010 a regular silence group was set up in The Hague. It is aimed at people who wish to practise meditation and silence under professional guidance on a regular basis. The group’s members meet once a month at a fixed location. During the meetings, meditation sessions of approximately 45 minutes take place. As a rule these are preceded by a short introduction.  

The group welcomes beginners as well as experienced persons. It is possible to join at any time. One always commits to attending at least six consecutive meetings. People wishing to get acquainted with the group may be introduced as a guest participating in the training during one of the evenings.


Training Program 

‘SilenceWork’ offers a training program to those wishing to learn how to integrate and apply the practice of meditation in their daily lives. In the course of this program various aspects of meditation and the practice of silence will be included. The number of participants is small, never amounting to more than eight.

The training program consists of seven meetings lasting three hours. The meetings are held every two weeks. The training program is suited to both beginners and those who have acquired some experience with meditation. 


Meditation Days and Retreats  

Each year ‘SilenceWork’ organizes a number of meditation days as well as lengthier retreats. These events are aimed at people wanting to get acquainted with meditation and with the practice of silence at a deeper level. The events are also suitable for those who simply feel the need to take part in one or more days of silence and reflection. 

During days of meditation and retreats, one is invited to participate in a number of silent sessions.  In between these meditations there is ample opportunity for dialogue and getting answers to one’s questions. During multi-day retreats there is also sufficient time for rest, relaxation or, for example, a nature walk. 



Individual Coaching and Therapy


Individual Sessions  

In addition to the group activities ‘SilenceWork’ also offers individual coaching by means of one-to-one sessions. These take place in Edwin Valentijn’s personal meditation and consulting room in Delft.  

Meditation and the exercise of silence are at the core of the individual sessions. Moreover there is opportunity for dialogue and reflection on what is happening as a result of the meditation. In order to support one’s physical and spiritual health the sessions can be combined with acupuncture treatment or medicinal herbs. 

Individual sessions last approximately an hour or ninety minutes and take place in mutual consultation at regular intervals of two or more weeks. The costs of an individual session are € 70 including vat.



When required you can also get treatment by means of acupuncture in the consulting room in Delft. 

Acupuncture forms part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been used for centuries as a special method to improve health. By treating the body’s acupuncture points and meridians with extremely thin needles, the energy stream is retuned and the unity of body, mind and spirit restored. 

Acupuncture treatments last about one hour and usually take place once in two weeks. The costs of an acupuncture treatment are € 70 including vat.


Herbs and Minerals  

Individual sessions and acupuncture treatments may, if required, be supported by means of medicinal herbs and minerals. 

The effects of herbs and minerals have been used for thousands of years by medical practitioners in the East and West. Herbs and minerals support the body’s vital functions, reinforce energy, help the detoxification process and improve a healthy construction of cells, tissues and organs. Besides, the use of herbs and minerals ensures a healthy balance between body, mind and spirit. 



Info and Contact


About Edwin Valentijn

Unless otherwise stated all initiatives and meetings of ‘Silence Work’ are led by Edwin Valentijn. In Delft Edwin assists people by means of individual sessions, acupuncture and medicinal herbs.  

Edwin Valentijn (Rotterdam 1967) is a spiritual teacher and acupuncturist who originally trained as a physiotherapist. In addition Edwin always had special interest in the healing force of herbs and minerals. Besides, he has considerable experience in applying blossom and gem remedies. 

Edwin has been practising silence for many years and is gifted with a most perspicuous, sensitive perception. In 2008 he started to practise silence and meditation with others, always focussing on the unity of body, mind and spirit.



To get more information about the various activities of ‘SilenceWork,’ its agenda, individual sessions or acupuncture treatments in the consulting room in Delft, please get in touch by phone or email:


T: 015-2148861 / 06-28399604